My name is Georgina Durcan.

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I am an Intuitive Therapist, affectionately known as “ The Soul Whisperer." 

I am here to guide you HOME to your true self — to the light and love within, by connecting you to your soul, to who you were born to be.

I want you to see that everything is possible when you are connected to the power, the wisdom and the love within. When you are connected to all of this, you will create a life you truly love. You will live from a place of truth and truly be free to be you and share it with the world!

As an Intuitive Therapist, I combine many different therapies that I have trained in — from life coaching to reiki, and many more therapies that work on the body, mind and soul. I combine these therapies with my natural highly developed intuitive gifts to create a transformative system of healing and coaching.

I communicate with your truth and intuition.

I guide you to understand and be clear on your purpose, your passions and what truly lights you up from the inside out. In doing that, you receive clarity, connection and deep understanding of who you are, what you truly want and why you are here.

I want to empower you, by connecting you to your soul, your intuition, so you can connect to the deep knowing that you have all the wisdom and answers within.

When you have that, your daily life becomes an experience of trust, love, joy, peace and deep gratitude for all that is. You will be able to create all that you truly desire and release the barriers and blocks to love.

I am blessed to live a life that I love. I am blessed to feel so connected and aligned with who I truly am at the core of my being and being able to share my purpose and love with the world……

But today is a far cry from the life I was living many years ago...

As a child I always felt different, misunderstood, not heard or seen and unsupported.

I was so aware of the deep feelings and emotions inside me and in others. I also had a deep knowing I could help.


My parents separated when I was 3 years old and my journey with fear, loss, separation and rejection began. I suffered abuse and trauma both sexually and emotionally as a teenager, but held it all inside out of fear. I believed that if I became the best in school and got the top grades, it would all go away, I would feel loved and the world would love me. So, I pushed the fear down and focused on my “safety” in school. When I left my safe place and went into university, everything that had been pushed down came up with a roar, which I now see, as my greatest blessing. I broke down, so I could “breakthrough!"

No one knew how to deal with the sadness and the depth of emotion and pain I was feeling, so I was hospitalized and medicated.


They were all trying to “fix” me, but I knew deep down, the voice inside kept saying to me, that they were not the answer. They tried electro shock therapy and different medications, but still the pain wouldn’t go. I had to release it — it had to be seen, heard and understood. It had to be loved.


It was in the hospital that I had what one could call, a deep and profound “spiritual awakening” where I met my truth, my soul, and accessed the love that was deep within but buried so deep under all the fear and pain.

One night, that I remember so clearly and vividly, a voice within me, so loudly and clearly, spoke, telling me to get up and leave... that this was not where I would heal. I was safe and I would be guided, I needed to heal as I had work in this world to do. I knew this voice was one that I could trust — everything felt different. I got up and left, at 19 years old. I spoke to the doctors with a clarity and certainty, that at the time, I didn’t know where it was coming from and what it was, but it felt so safe and secure, loving and supportive.

This began my healing journey. 

I took one intuitive step and action after another.

My soul got stronger and stronger and guided me to healers, teachers, mentors, coaches and trainings that taught me and connected me to my truth, to my soul, to my purpose, and gave me the permission to let go of all that was blocking love.

I devoured every spiritual and self help book I could get my hands on. I fed my soul with everything that resonated and connected me to love. I took responsibility for the fear I was carrying, the limiting beliefs and the blocks and barriers to LOVE that I had created. It sounds like work, but it was actually the most incredible journey, as I saw what transformations and possibilities were there for me. I had hope. I saw what choosing love can do. 

I discovered that miracles are possible, the guidance, love and support is available to us all.


Love is waiting for us.

Believe. Trust. Love.

I want you to access and live life from a place of deep trust and knowing — a life that gives you the freedom to be YOU, fully and completely, the TRUE you, to share this YOU with the world and create a life filled with miracles, love and abundance.

Are you ready to receive what your Soul is calling you to?


Professional Bio: 

On paper you will learn that I am certified in many different therapies, which combined with my natural gifts, enable me to serve the world as an Intuitive therapist, and I have over 15 years experience doing all of this.

What my credentials don’t tell you, is that, my calling in life, is to help people connect to their SOUL, to their TRUE self, to the wisdom and power within. 

I do this by using my voice to channel your soul's messages. I can connect and speak to the part of you that rarely gets listened to but holds all the answers. I listen, connect and pass on what I intuitively feel you need to know, to give you the pieces of the puzzle and to unlock the doors that are in your way of getting where you know you need to get to. I see the barriers and blocks to love and abundance and to you manifesting what you dream of. The connection to your soul brings clarity, truth and a real confidence in yourself and who you are in the world. You will feel YOU supporting YOU. You will discover an internal guidance system that always leads you to your highest good and greatest joy. You will unlock your true potential and your Soul’s calling.

Through my training in many different mind, body and soul therapies and my education in Trinity College Dublin, University of Maynooth and the National Training Centre, I have learnt how to bring my education, my gifts and soul’s purpose in to create a powerful and transformative system of healing and coaching.

For several years I was based in Vancouver, Canada in an integrative medical practice working with a GP who believed that “the cure is not in the pill bottle” (Divi Chandna). Together we worked helping the patients to heal themselves by connecting them with their body, mind and soul and helping them remove the blocks to their health and happiness.

Since returning to Ireland in 2013 I have continued to see my clients in Canada and around the world by offering Skype and phone sessions. 

I have made several TV and radio appearances in Ireland promoting and encouraging people to seek support and guidance if they are struggling, as well as discussing opportunities for healing and therapy. When my personal friend Joan Freeman founded Pieta House in 2003, I helped promote the services and message of Pieta house to bring hope to those who were in deep despair. It is now one of the foremost suicide support centers in Ireland and has helped over 5000 people to date.

Georgina is an Intuitive Therapist and affectionately known as the “Soul Whisperer”.

She helps people all around the globe discover who they truly are , access the power within, free themselves of the barriers and blocks they are carrying, to create a life they truly love.

Georgina has created a transformative system of coaching and healing over the last 15 years and is on a mission to teach and guide people all around the world, to see the infinite possibilities that are there for them, to see that they can receive all they dream of, that they can come HOME to who they truly are and live a life that feels free and joyful.

Georgina helps people transform their lives with her, 1:1 private healing and coaching, her online group programs, self study courses and live events.

Georgina lives in beautiful County Wicklow, Ireland with her husband Sean and is a devoted mother to her twins.