How to awaken your true power and create your abundant life by knowing and following your intuition!

You too can feel confident in your life’s purpose and turn your life around when you get to know the energy that is guiding you from within!

Are you struggling to take the leap in life you know you need to, sister?

You are truly ready to be the connected woman you know you can be and do all you desire from within, but you’re stuck.  You’re unsure what is the right next step and you struggle with following the guidance of your intuition because you’re fearful of it and you might not even know if your intuition is leading you the right way?

You are not alone, sister!

You can have this “flow” and connection to your intuition, that inner guidance system that knows what you need to do and how you can live an abundant life!  You just need to get to know your intuition by learning how to hear it, feel it and follow it!

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This is why we created the Intuition Immersion.

A safe place for women (for you) to come and immerse themselves in their inner wisdom, their deepest truths, their Goddess power and their soul. We want to guide, support and teach women to release and unleash the truth of who they are in the world by connecting deeply and confidently to their intuition and their Soul’s calling.

We are living in a time of great change, where everything that is false is falling away and breaking down and what is truth, what is love, is rising.  It is being felt in our daily lives as we let go and start listening to what feels true and real for us, it is coming first as a whisper, a nudge, a gut feeling, but then it is rising into a roar and we need to take action. This is when we need support. We need to feel confident in that “gut feeling”, we need to be so certain of when our soul is speaking to us and what it is saying, we need to be able to interpret and understand the language of the soul, our intuition.

We are ready to break through the limitations our mind has placed on us and start creating a new world that gives us the freedom to truly be who we were born to be, to share our unique gifts and power with the world, to heal, and to love.

We need support, we need community, we need to let go of what no longer serves us and we need release our blocks and barriers to love.

Together we are going to lead you through simple soulful steps to help you to dissolve the fears in life and awaken your knowing and TRUST!

Between the two of us, we have over 20 years experience leading women just like you back to their Soul so they can live a life they love.

Watch this video to see if the Intuition Immersion is for you:

The Intuition Immersion is for you if you…

  • Are ready to learn how to connect to your intuition and use it in your daily life
  • Want to confidently and clearly understand the messages from your soul
  • Want to have a daily spiritual practice that works with YOUR life and feels right for YOU
  • Want to discover your true purpose and how you can share this with the world
  • Are ready to peel back the layers and feel confident in the unique gifts you have to offer the world
  • Want to connect to your guides, energetic support and the Divine Universal energy
  • Want to connect with the Goddess energy and bring it into all you do
  • Are ready to release the limiting beliefs and patterns from this lifetime and past lives, that are holding you back from living your truth and being free to live and love.
  • Are ready to let go of the past and the stories that no longer serve you.
  • Are ready to create, take action and manifest your true desires.
  • Want a real, true, loving, supportive and intimate community of women that will support, nurture and hold space for you, to be YOU!
  • Want to quieten the noise and distraction in your life and find more peace and clarity
  • Want to let go of comparison and judgement and find peace and self acceptance and love
  • Want to really immerse yourself in YOU, study, practice and have time away from social media.

What you get in the Intuition Immersion:

  • Weekly content delivered to your inbox
  • 10 LIVE Zoom group calls
  • Rituals, meditations and prayers
  • Private intimate group conversations and connections on Voxer
  • Teachers available on Voxer for support throughout the program
  • Bonus video trainings delivered straight to your inbox


  • One to one session with Kris and Georgie
  • Private voxer access for the duration of the program
  • Private support and a space to ask your questions when they show up

Join the 10 Week Intuition Immersion NOW!

VIP Intuition Immersion (10 Week Support / Guidance + 1 Private Session with Georgina + Kris and 1:1 Support)!


This will guide and support you to tap into the power of the feminine energy rising and be able to use this energy and power to create and manifest what you truly!


This program will teach, guide and support you in deepening your relationship with your true self, your soul, to be able to interpret and be confident in how your soul communicates with you, to develop a daily life practice that connects you to your truth, your inner wisdom so you can make decisions that are always bringing you closer to your deepest desires and dreams. Through the intimate and sacred conversations we will have, you will feel free to release and unleash that power you know you have within but don’t know where to let it out. You will learn very practical tools and techniques to communicate and connect with yourself and the world in a much deeper, truer and loving way. When we can connect in this way, we draw more love and abundance to us, in all we do.

Kris and Georgie will share and teach you all the tools, steps, rituals, that they have used and continue to use on a daily basis to create and manifest lives that are so aligned with their purpose and source of joy.

This program is specifically designed and channeled for the times we are living in now, the shifts in consciousness, the dissolving and breaking down of the old and the birthing of the new.