Intuition Masterclass

30 Days to Self-Mastery Through Awakening Your Spirit!  

Join the LIVE 30 day Course to Self-Mastery Through Awakening Your Spirit!
Intuition Masterclass is a 30 Day coaching course that teaches you the daily steps to hear your own inner guidance (your intuition), unlock your self-confidence and channel to Spirit and finally achieve the desires in your heart… because they were placed there for a reason!

Sister, we hear you.

Let’s be honest..

You want to dissolve the overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty in your life and radiate with knowing and JOY…but you just don’t know the next step to trust the voice you hear within.  You might even question “is the voice within me telling me the truth?” or “How can I even hear my intuition?”  

The dreams you catch glimpses of are for you, but the lack of trust and faith that happens in your mind is causing you to feel disconnected and paralyzed.  It’s flat out exhausting living this way, isn’t it?  

You might get into a journaling practice for a couple days or weeks and you question if it’s working so you stop.  You ask for a miracle, but there is a seed of doubt in your mind so it falls short and you keep waking up asking yourself “how can I finally live my best life?”

It is time to stop, breathe and reconnect to the wisdom of your intuition and let Spirit in.  This is where your FREEDOM lies.

We know this pattern of fearful living too well, because we lived it too.

So what’s the answer? How do we unlock our blocks and live a fulfilled life?

The answer and your foundation is LOVE. The issue with love is, most people question if they are worthy of it, if it’s passed them by because of something they have done in the past, and getting to know your truest self, your SOUL with so much love is what will illuminate your life! 

This is why we created the 30 Day Intuition Masterclass.  During the 30 Days, you’ll have the complete foundation you need for you to know, hear, love and follow your intuition and Spirit.  You will finally have the super clear decision making process you need.

Imagine knowing you have all the answers you need within you right now?


What you get in the 30 Day Intuition Masterclass:

After working with hundreds of people to dissolve fears and finally awaken their spirit to a fulfilled life, we knew we needed to bring our teaching to you!


Intuition Masterclass is for you if you want to….

+ Let go of fear and live in LOVE.

+ Have a connecting and trusting relationship with your soul.

+ Be able to understand and interpret your intuition.

+ Be able to make clear and confident decisions.

+ Be coached through blocks and patterns that you’re ready to let go of.

+ Align with your true purpose and self.

+ Let go of control and learn flow.

+ Know how to work with the laws of the universe

Get all of this and Georgina & Kris as your coach and teachers today!



Georgina Durcan, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer

I am many things, but first and foremost  I am an extension and an expression of the highest love, Divine love, God’s love, Universal unconditional love. I am and you are. We are all connected, we are all LOVE. This is our TRUE self.

This is what I do in the world to express and share this LOVE;

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive healer. For the last 15 years I have worked with clients all around the world, connecting them to their TRUE self, to their SOUL, to the LOVE within. The work that I do, gifts people with the ability, to be, who they truly are meant to be in the world, to connect with themselves and the world in a deep and meaningful way and to create a life that they love and feel grateful for everyday!

How do I do this?

I have gifts, that enable me, to be able to see, hear and connect to people’s soul’s and truth. I hold their energy within me, quieten down the noise of the ego and the mind, so I can hear and feel their absolute truth and listen to what their soul wants to say. I then, let my voice, be the voice of their Soul. I channel it through me, and voice it back to them, so they can hear and feel their own truth clearly. This brings joy, connection and confidence in knowing how they want to be in the world, and what they need to do, in order to fully connect with the life they are creating. I empower all those I work with, so they can know who they truly are, trusting and having confidence in the loving inner guidance system within. This becomes the compass they have with them at all times, guiding them to whatever path is for their highest good and greatest joy.

I also do energy clearing and healing on anything that is blocking them from connecting to their truth, I clear it from their body and mind using distant energy healing techniques and methods. I also can connect them to the energies that are around them, supporting and guiding them in this life to be all that they can truly be. Ultimately I am simply connecting you to your true self, the LOVE within, helping you have clarity and core confidence.


Kris Britton, Spiritual Life + Business Coach

I believe that both you and I have a power so great that is guiding us, leading us and is pure love waiting for us to ask it for it’s support! I teach choosing love over choosing fear.

Love is radiant and the foundation of who we are.

For the past 10 years I have been working with women around globe to help them unblock themselves and awaken their spirit so they can create their best life, now.  Women today more than ever are feeling a pull in their hearts to illuminate grace and radiance and remember the divine flow that is what allows us to attract and create with ease!  It’s been my mission to help women remember their truth by them “coming home” to their inner knowing, their intuition!

My gifts as a spiritual teacher have helped hundreds of women take off the mask they think they must wear to be someone they are not.  You are not broken.  The power has never left, you have simply just forgotten how to access it and together we will peel off the mask and you will live wildly free!

Over the last few years years Kris has helped over 100 people reach five and six figure incomes working from home and has been featured in Success Magazine + Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.