How to bring loving consciousness to Social Media!


Well friends, after a year off all social media, I am consciously choosing to return to the “social’ world! It is a very conscious choice, that has come from investigating the whispers of my soul, and asking the questions that can help bring the truth out, and then making decisions and taking action that aligns with that truth.

I want to share with you, why it is so important NOW, that we make conscious choices everyday, that align with our truth, the questions to ask ourselves in order to make these conscious choices, and why it matters to me, in this season of my life to share and create connection on social media

I have learnt so much about what I value, and what I want to give my energy to, by being off social media for a year. I have learnt more about presence and how the ego can constantly try and take us out of the present moment, if we are not conscious and aware of the choices we are making, and what we are giving energy to. We need to be aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, and of the actions we are taking everyday, we most importantly we need to take time regularly, to reflect on how we are spending our time and energy.

We are going through different cycles and seasons all the time, and we need to understand and be in flow with the changes, and how, we will value different things at different times in our lives, and how we need to focus our energy to reflect these differences.

It is really important, if you want to live a conscious life, aligned with your truth and soul, that you identify what is important to you and what you value during the different seasons and cycles in you life and then align your actions with what matters to you.

What mattered to me over the last year was to be more present with my children before they move out into the world more and to heal, grow and learn for myself, so then I can come out and share with the world. I also wanted to focus my energy on my 1:1 client sessions and as I didn’t have a huge amount of time to offer these sessions, I had to make choices as to how to use that precious time. This last year has been a time of inward reflection and huge changes and energetic shifts in consciousness and vibration, all of which I have needed my time and energy to be given to process all of this.

Now I am in a different season and cycle, a time of coming out, sharing, teaching and loving in a more vulnerable, deeper, open way.

Social media will help me share and teach and create more true connection and have authentic, loving, soulful conversations with communities and those that are wanting to connect.

So, I invite you, to take some time, to ask yourself these questions and see if where you are spending your energy aligns with your answers.

  1. What do I value at this time in my life?

  2. What is important to me in this cycle and season of my life?

  3. Why is this important to me?

  4. What actions can I take to align with these values?

  5. Is anything distracting me from what is important to me?

So if you are on social media, I invite you, before you jump on, to connect in with your soul and ask yourself;

  • Why am I going on here?

  • What is my intention when I am on social media?

  • Is this distracting me from something that I really value?

  • Is this a conscious choice?

  • Is this a healthy, boundaried choice?

I believe we can make social media a powerful force and vehicle for love and raising the consciousness of the world, if each one of us, uses it consciously and from a place of truth, love and authenticity.

One person at a time, one conscious choice at a time, one post and one comment at a time, all add up to shifting and creating of an energy momentum that will bring more love into this world and bring us altogether as one.

Join me on social and let us create this energy shift together!

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Soulful Career Decisions may not always make SENSE!


When you live life aligned with your highest most loving evolved self, you will need to be making decisions that are conscious and true, that reflect your Soul’s desires. If your decisions are not honouring this, your life and your journey will feel “off”!

To feel and to experience freedom, flow, peace, calm and ease in life, it is really essential that our daily decisions align with our highest self, our most true self, our Soul.

Stress and fear really do arise from going against our truth and our Soul’s deep knowing. I know when I a going against what I know to be true, when I am ignoring my soul and my inner knowing, I feel tense, stressed, agitated and anxious and more often that I thought I get a loud message and sign from the Universe to pay attention!

So over the past few months I have been paying attention to the whispers, nudges, signs, messages, thoughts, ideas and downloads. I have been interpreting the messages, taking time to get still, reflect, put it altogether and come up with what I believe is direct Divine guidance around how I can better serve the world with the gifts I have been blessed with, better honour my purpose and in turn, live a life aligned with my highest self.

Have you been getting messages, signs and downloads as to how you can serve the world with your unique and precious gifts?

Pay attention to them! I believe, there is a big push right now in the Universe to get us all to ask the question, as to how we can better serve humanity with the gifts that we have been given and how we can honour our own soul’s purpose which in turn gives this world love and deep healing.

When you start listening to what you are being called to do, you will then need ti make decisions that align with the information and guidance you have received.

How do you make soulful decisions?

  • Firstly, get still and listen to the whispers from your Soul.

  • Pay attention to the voice that is speaking to you and trying to get your attention .

  • Be aware of the fears and doubts that are trying to block the dreams and desires. Pay more attention the voice that feels excited and inspired.

  • Trust the excitement, the feelings of joy and fun, even though you can’t control the outcome.

  • Know that your fears are not true. I like working through Katie Byron’s “ The Work”, which involves questioning the beliefs.

  • I also use pendulums, oracle cards to confirm my inner knowing.

  • I ask my guides for signs and messages too, the Divine loving consciousness cannot interfere or help until we ask.

I talk more about the ways I make decisions and how I trust my Soul on this episode of the Soulstice Podcast:

So based on the inner reflection, listening and honouring of my Soul’s guidance, I have made the following decisions about am taking action by making the changes, so I can best serve the world with my gifts and love.

Be aware when you make decisions from your Soul, they may not seem logical or you may get some raised eyebrows but this is where you need to stand in a place of trust and faith, that more love, abundance and joy will come from making decisions aligned with our heart and soul.

From September 2019:

  • I am REDUCING the price of my 1:1 Super Soul Sessions from 120 euro to 80 euro for the hour. Even though I am booked up and have an abundance of clients, of which I am so grateful for, I feel this decision will enable the healing and love to become more available to those that need it and more accessible and hopefully it can reach all the places it needs to.

  • I will be opening up more time slots and will be available, Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm BST as well as the weekend slots I currently offer. All sessions will be 80euro. I know that for those on the other side of the word the weekday slots may mean rearranging your bedtime routine!

  • I will also be working from a beautiful space and seeing people for “In Person” sessions. I am so looking forward to holding space physically and being able to give you a hug! If you want to book an In Person session please contact me at

  • I will be running workshops. They will involve deep soul inner work, true connection, reflection and relaxation. Keep an eye out on website and in your inbox for moire details.

  • I will be continuing to focus on channeling soulful content for the Solstice Podcast.

  • I will also be offering my REMEDIES! I have been making up remedies using the Bach flower remedies to support the healing work and help lift the body and mind into the vibration that enables deep healing and bring balance. I have been sharing these remedies with clients, friends and family but haven’t formally announced that I can offer this to all. I intuitively pick the remedies that I feel will best support your healing journey, I then make up the remedy, meditate with the remedy and put healing energy into it. I also am guided to give you an affirmation that you repeat when taking the remedy and this is all set as an intention into the remedy. Please contact me if you want more information.

    • Remedies start at 10euro postage and package extra.

I am so excited to share of all of this with you and look forward to putting it all out into the world from September. I am so focused on being the channel and medium and being the bridge between the spirit and physical world.

If you feel called to any of the above, please contact me by email and we can connect!

Here is the link to the podcast where I talk all about the changes and what is coming up:

LINK to book 1:1 Super Soul Session (new prices and times from September):

Sat Nam,


I hope all of this makes sense. Thank you so much.

Have you got your SOUL SUPPORTS??!!


As many of you know, and if you have listened to the Soulstice Podcast you will know, that I am recovering and healing after Abdominal surgery in December. It has truly been life changing and has been the greatest gift and blessing in all the lessons and awakenings that have come to me.

As part of my healing, I have needed to wear an abdominal binder during the day, and have been wearing it for 6 weeks. It is like a corset or compression bandage all around my middle. It is tight, but also comforting and protective at the same time. It really has become a symbol and reminder to me of where I need to support myself more.

I am choosing to see this as the Universe supporting me and encouraging me to support myself.

So, I wanted to share with you, some of the supports that are helping me heal and open to more love and self care. 

  1. My SOUL TEAM ( I talk about this on the Podcast). These are the people you know are there for you unconditionally and offer you space with non-judgment and compassion. These can be friends, family, healers, therapists, pilates teachers, whoever holds that loving space for you. Know who is on your team!

  2. My Daily Spiritual Practice. My practice is early in the morning when I have peace and space to connect to my Soul. This involves prayer, meditation, reading and setting intentions.

  3. Movement. Every day moving my body gently and most importantly, in the fresh air!

  4. My Healer. Taking time to receive her healing and love.

  5. Nourishing foods. Listening to my body and what it truly needs, listening to my stomach and not my mind!

  6. Rest. As a natural go-getter and busy bee, I am giving myself the space to set more, to sit and be and take time for me.

  7. Bach Flower Remedies. I have taken these for years on and off and really feel connected to nature’s healing powers. I have been really studying them over the past months and consciously choosing the remedies that I need. I have also started studying them so I can offer them to clients if they need support with the healing work that we do. Nature wants to work with us so that we can all evolve, grow and heal together.

  8. Forgiveness. This has really supported my healing, forgiving myself and others and releasing all the suppressed anger. I believe one of the biggest blocks to healing is holding on to guilt and shame. For true healing in every aspect, we must do forgiveness work.

I hope by reading this you may add to your Soul Support List and start becoming more aware of how you can better support yourself in your daily life.

You must support YOU first before you can support anyone else!

Fill YOUR cup up NOW to be the light and the love the world needs you to be!

2019 is the year of Soul Inspired ACTION!


Happy New Year and welcome to the year of Soul Inspired and aligned ACTION!

I truly believe this is a year where we will start to put into action all the learning and growth we moved through in 2018. Did you feel like 2018 was one lesson or challenge after another? Did you feel like you were being shown what is no longer working in your life anymore? Did it become painfully clear what you needed to release and let go of, and also equally clear about what you needed to invite into your life?

I know 2018 for me and for most of my clients was a year of deep and profound learning and discovery. I learnt more about myself in the last few months of 2018 that I could have predicted and needed to really take time to process all the learning. I know 2018 was a year to look inward and really see the truth of who we are. It was a year to see what beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, relationships and habits we needed to let go of, that no longer served us, that were moving us further away from the life we truly wanted. Many times, the learning came quite painfully through hard lessons and challenges, betrayals and hurts, loss, grief and physical pain. We couldn’t avoid the lessons! I know, and choose to believe, that all the lessons and challenges were a gift to me. 

I also got clear about what I need to invite more of into my life and what I need to create. I got clearer on what really matters to me and and where I want to place my energy.

What we give energy to is a choice and our energy plays a massive part in how this world evolves and heals.

I have connected into the energy of 2019 and what I believe we need to focus on. I really feel that 2019 is a year of ACTION. It is a year of seeing the rewards of all our lessons and challenges in 2018, IF and only if, you take ACTION from the learning you acquired last year. This will be action fueled by truth and love. This will be action based on your Soul’s true desires. When we take action from this vibration, we will send love and truth energy out into the word and simply put, that is the energy form that will come back to us, so what we get, is the experience of love and truth, we get to see it in reality. What does it all matter if we don’t get to experience love and we don’t get to manifest what our Soul truly desires.

So, to kick off this incredible year, where you will get to experience LOVE and TRUTH and see the fruits of our labour, you need to take some time at the start of the year to focus your energy and set the intention for the year ahead.

I am going to share with you the process I did on New Years Day and I hope that it sets you up for the year of your dreams.

This is the year of SOUL INSPIRED ACTION and I know if we take this kind action we will manifest what we truly desire. As this is the year of action, please take some time after reading this, to take action by following this practice and soulful process.


  1. Write out all the lessons from 2018.

  2. What was the biggest lesson of 2018?

  3. What was the biggest challenge of 2018?

  4. How did you overcome the challenge?

  5. What or who helped you with the lesson and challenge?

  6. From the lesson and challenge, what action can you take to make sure you don’t repeat the pattern and have to learn the same lesson again?

  7. What support or help do you need to have in order to take the action needed to make the changes necessary, so the old patterns are released?

  8. What daily changes do you need to make to support these new action steps to put the lessons and learning in motion?

  9. What matters most to you this year?

  10. What do you NEED this year to be the most loving, authentic, true being you can be?


  • Read something inspiring everyday for 15 mins.

  • Learn something new. 

  • Ask for help and be open to receive. 

  • Release judgement/blame/shame/ criticism. Catch it and choose again.

  • Apologize faster. There is more importance being over it and moving on, than being right. 

  • Be clear what’s a YES and what’s a NO and trust yourself

  • Find a community, a group, connections, that speak your language and allow you to grow and evolve in the way you need to. 

  • Stay open to learning.

  • Make a healthy choice everyday. 

  • Let go of anything that no longer aligns with you, trusting that all will be well.

My wish for you this year is that you see who you truly are, trust yourself enough to take the soul inspired action that is needed to bring you all you truly desire. You are worthy of seeing and experiencing LOVE. It is what you are here for. Allow it in.

If you want to hear all about my lessons of 2018, how I resisted the learning and how I was painfully pushed inwards and forwards to where I needed to be, then listen to the SOULSTICE podcast episode, “How the Painful Lessons of 2018 Will Make 2019 a Truly Incredible One”

Let 2019 truly be a year for YOU, the TRUE YOU!