2018 is the year of BREAK UPS!


What a year and we aren’t finished yet!

This is my very first journal entry in this new home for all my creative juices and downloads to be shared. 

It is a year of firsts — of new beginnings and moving towards the unknown but in order to have these experiences, we must “break up” with the old...break up and let go of what is no longer serving us and what no longer feels aligned or joyful. 

Letting go of the past and the stories that we have carried around for so long, of how it has to be, and moving into a place of freedom, to create a life in the way that feels more truthful and loving, takes bravery and courage. 

It takes trust and faith.

It takes support and community.

I hope this blog and through all I create, you receive the support and the community that you need to move towards your dreams and a life that fills you with joy and happiness.

One of the break ups I needed to go through this year was to break up with something that had become a “should” and a “have to” versus a want to!

I had to break up with something that is very much part of the norm and very much part of our daily lives…SOCIAL MEDIA! 

I knew it was coming but was resisting the change and the fear of being told I was crazy!

I couldn’t ignore my SOUL and my truth. I teach and guide people to connect to their soul and I was resisting my inner guidance and intuition. I cannot show up to you all and not be authentic, true and real. 

I listened and took action.

I disconnected to reconnect.

I planned to do it for 40 days and then look at it all and assess what I had learned and what action or changes I needed to make, if any.

I share my journey in this video and hope that you can take the time to watch and receive all that resonates with you.

The main lessons from my 40 day journey disconnecting from Social Media are:

  • Social media had become a noise and a distraction, taking me out of the present moment, and I wasn’t fully receiving the gifts the universe was bringing to me every day, because I was thinking of how to share and post.

  • This year and going forward is all about TRUTH, TRUST, AUTHENTICITY and INTEGRITY. I had to look at whether social media was connecting me more to these or not.

  • I must walk my talk.

  • I must trust that my work and purpose in the world transcends social media and is not dependant on whether social media exists or not.

  • Living an authentic, soulful, loving life, means making decisions on a daily basis, that may seem crazy to others but you know to be true! We must trust our own knowing to feel safe and secure in this world.

  • Being off social media gave me more presence and connection.

  • I became super clear on what I need to focus on and how I can best serve the world.

  • I made more of an effort to have real authentic connections and to reach out and be more intimate.

  • The consciousness going forward is all truth, love, connection, oneness and integrity. I need to stay focused on only doing things that align with this.

Watch the video to hear all my downloads and what the break up means for my work in the world!

This is the year to make those brave decisions, no matter how crazy they may seem to others.

This is the time to trust your inner knowing, to trust that voice within, and every decision we make from a place of trust, we are building and creating more love in our lives and in the world. One decisions and one choice at a time.

Choose love, whatever it looks and sounds like, if you feel it, trust it and move with it. 


Please share with me your take aways from this video and what RESONATED with you.