The question I get asked the most, is, “HOW DO I KNOW ITS MY SOUL TALKING TO ME?”

The answer is a simple one but not an easy one in our busy, noisy world. We must take time to LISTEN to our souls and get to know how it speaks to us.

As a mother, wife, daughter, and Intuitive therapist, I can easily fall into the busy busy and and the daily to-do list!

I know when I forget my soul. It will grab my attention and show me in no uncertain terms why forgetting myself serves no one. I cannot give from an empty cup, and I cannot make decisions that are loving, and truly right for me, or others when I am not connected to the wisdom and truth within.

My morning spiritual practice is a precious gift of love to myself.

It is what true self care looks like, and it doesn’t involve sitting in lotus position for an hour, having a luxurious bath filled with rose petals (though I wouldn’t say no to that!!) or going to a spa for the day! It is 30 minutes of true connection with myself — it is peace, it is bliss and it is my non-negotiable. It is my “Amrit Vela”, the Divine nectar period when the world is quieter, the worries, fears and anxieties are at a minimum, and we can really listen to the voice within that struggles to be heard with all the daily “noise”!

What are your non-negotiables?

What are the things that you value so much, you are so committed to, that you know you need, on a daily basis to keep you centered and balanced?

Make a list of your non-negotiables and make sure you are committed to honouring yourself and your values everyday.

September is a wonderful time to start a new routine and practice, so take advantage, of the energy this time of year brings, and start creating practices and routines in your day that align with your values.

My morning practice is the foundation of my spiritual practice, and is essential to me showing up in the world, authentic and real, and not reacting to life from a set of old beliefs and repeating patterns.

My morning practice varies in time, depending on when my children wake, but I try to rise much earlier, to give me the minimum time of 20-30 minutes.

In this video, I share with with you my spiritual morning practice and what keeps me centered and clear for the day ahead! 

I urge you to find some sacred time for you and your SOUL. It is the missing piece for so many — the piece that, once we connect to it, will open our lives up to so much joy and peace. 

Start small. Build and grow the connection, faith and trust.

Take one small step today to creating a daily practice that feeds and nourishes you, so you can really BE YOU!

If you want to learn all about the practices, mediations, rituals and tools that I have used with clients, and in my own life since I began my spiritual journey over 20 years ago, then, I strongly recommend following the Soul Side Up Playbook for 21 days, which will guide you through some foundational spiritual practices and daily tools for true well-being.


If you need extra support, clarity, and confidence in your Soul’s path and purpose, and want to journey with your soul, to receive the guidance and messages that your highest most loving self wants you to hear, I have some 1:1 sessions available and now a reduced mid- week rate also.

Sat Nam,