How to bring loving consciousness to Social Media!


Well friends, after a year off all social media, I am consciously choosing to return to the “social’ world! It is a very conscious choice, that has come from investigating the whispers of my soul, and asking the questions that can help bring the truth out, and then making decisions and taking action that aligns with that truth.

I want to share with you, why it is so important NOW, that we make conscious choices everyday, that align with our truth, the questions to ask ourselves in order to make these conscious choices, and why it matters to me, in this season of my life to share and create connection on social media

I have learnt so much about what I value, and what I want to give my energy to, by being off social media for a year. I have learnt more about presence and how the ego can constantly try and take us out of the present moment, if we are not conscious and aware of the choices we are making, and what we are giving energy to. We need to be aware of the stories we are telling ourselves, and of the actions we are taking everyday, we most importantly we need to take time regularly, to reflect on how we are spending our time and energy.

We are going through different cycles and seasons all the time, and we need to understand and be in flow with the changes, and how, we will value different things at different times in our lives, and how we need to focus our energy to reflect these differences.

It is really important, if you want to live a conscious life, aligned with your truth and soul, that you identify what is important to you and what you value during the different seasons and cycles in you life and then align your actions with what matters to you.

What mattered to me over the last year was to be more present with my children before they move out into the world more and to heal, grow and learn for myself, so then I can come out and share with the world. I also wanted to focus my energy on my 1:1 client sessions and as I didn’t have a huge amount of time to offer these sessions, I had to make choices as to how to use that precious time. This last year has been a time of inward reflection and huge changes and energetic shifts in consciousness and vibration, all of which I have needed my time and energy to be given to process all of this.

Now I am in a different season and cycle, a time of coming out, sharing, teaching and loving in a more vulnerable, deeper, open way.

Social media will help me share and teach and create more true connection and have authentic, loving, soulful conversations with communities and those that are wanting to connect.

So, I invite you, to take some time, to ask yourself these questions and see if where you are spending your energy aligns with your answers.

  1. What do I value at this time in my life?

  2. What is important to me in this cycle and season of my life?

  3. Why is this important to me?

  4. What actions can I take to align with these values?

  5. Is anything distracting me from what is important to me?

So if you are on social media, I invite you, before you jump on, to connect in with your soul and ask yourself;

  • Why am I going on here?

  • What is my intention when I am on social media?

  • Is this distracting me from something that I really value?

  • Is this a conscious choice?

  • Is this a healthy, boundaried choice?

I believe we can make social media a powerful force and vehicle for love and raising the consciousness of the world, if each one of us, uses it consciously and from a place of truth, love and authenticity.

One person at a time, one conscious choice at a time, one post and one comment at a time, all add up to shifting and creating of an energy momentum that will bring more love into this world and bring us altogether as one.

Join me on social and let us create this energy shift together!

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