Have you got your SOUL SUPPORTS??!!


As many of you know, and if you have listened to the Soulstice Podcast you will know, that I am recovering and healing after Abdominal surgery in December. It has truly been life changing and has been the greatest gift and blessing in all the lessons and awakenings that have come to me.

As part of my healing, I have needed to wear an abdominal binder during the day, and have been wearing it for 6 weeks. It is like a corset or compression bandage all around my middle. It is tight, but also comforting and protective at the same time. It really has become a symbol and reminder to me of where I need to support myself more.

I am choosing to see this as the Universe supporting me and encouraging me to support myself.

So, I wanted to share with you, some of the supports that are helping me heal and open to more love and self care. 

  1. My SOUL TEAM ( I talk about this on the Podcast). These are the people you know are there for you unconditionally and offer you space with non-judgment and compassion. These can be friends, family, healers, therapists, pilates teachers, whoever holds that loving space for you. Know who is on your team!

  2. My Daily Spiritual Practice. My practice is early in the morning when I have peace and space to connect to my Soul. This involves prayer, meditation, reading and setting intentions.

  3. Movement. Every day moving my body gently and most importantly, in the fresh air!

  4. My Healer. Taking time to receive her healing and love.

  5. Nourishing foods. Listening to my body and what it truly needs, listening to my stomach and not my mind!

  6. Rest. As a natural go-getter and busy bee, I am giving myself the space to set more, to sit and be and take time for me.

  7. Bach Flower Remedies. I have taken these for years on and off and really feel connected to nature’s healing powers. I have been really studying them over the past months and consciously choosing the remedies that I need. I have also started studying them so I can offer them to clients if they need support with the healing work that we do. Nature wants to work with us so that we can all evolve, grow and heal together.

  8. Forgiveness. This has really supported my healing, forgiving myself and others and releasing all the suppressed anger. I believe one of the biggest blocks to healing is holding on to guilt and shame. For true healing in every aspect, we must do forgiveness work.

I hope by reading this you may add to your Soul Support List and start becoming more aware of how you can better support yourself in your daily life.

You must support YOU first before you can support anyone else!

Fill YOUR cup up NOW to be the light and the love the world needs you to be!