Soulful Career Decisions may not always make SENSE!


When you live life aligned with your highest most loving evolved self, you will need to be making decisions that are conscious and true, that reflect your Soul’s desires. If your decisions are not honouring this, your life and your journey will feel “off”!

To feel and to experience freedom, flow, peace, calm and ease in life, it is really essential that our daily decisions align with our highest self, our most true self, our Soul.

Stress and fear really do arise from going against our truth and our Soul’s deep knowing. I know when I a going against what I know to be true, when I am ignoring my soul and my inner knowing, I feel tense, stressed, agitated and anxious and more often that I thought I get a loud message and sign from the Universe to pay attention!

So over the past few months I have been paying attention to the whispers, nudges, signs, messages, thoughts, ideas and downloads. I have been interpreting the messages, taking time to get still, reflect, put it altogether and come up with what I believe is direct Divine guidance around how I can better serve the world with the gifts I have been blessed with, better honour my purpose and in turn, live a life aligned with my highest self.

Have you been getting messages, signs and downloads as to how you can serve the world with your unique and precious gifts?

Pay attention to them! I believe, there is a big push right now in the Universe to get us all to ask the question, as to how we can better serve humanity with the gifts that we have been given and how we can honour our own soul’s purpose which in turn gives this world love and deep healing.

When you start listening to what you are being called to do, you will then need ti make decisions that align with the information and guidance you have received.

How do you make soulful decisions?

  • Firstly, get still and listen to the whispers from your Soul.

  • Pay attention to the voice that is speaking to you and trying to get your attention .

  • Be aware of the fears and doubts that are trying to block the dreams and desires. Pay more attention the voice that feels excited and inspired.

  • Trust the excitement, the feelings of joy and fun, even though you can’t control the outcome.

  • Know that your fears are not true. I like working through Katie Byron’s “ The Work”, which involves questioning the beliefs.

  • I also use pendulums, oracle cards to confirm my inner knowing.

  • I ask my guides for signs and messages too, the Divine loving consciousness cannot interfere or help until we ask.

I talk more about the ways I make decisions and how I trust my Soul on this episode of the Soulstice Podcast:

So based on the inner reflection, listening and honouring of my Soul’s guidance, I have made the following decisions about am taking action by making the changes, so I can best serve the world with my gifts and love.

Be aware when you make decisions from your Soul, they may not seem logical or you may get some raised eyebrows but this is where you need to stand in a place of trust and faith, that more love, abundance and joy will come from making decisions aligned with our heart and soul.

From September 2019:

  • I am REDUCING the price of my 1:1 Super Soul Sessions from 120 euro to 80 euro for the hour. Even though I am booked up and have an abundance of clients, of which I am so grateful for, I feel this decision will enable the healing and love to become more available to those that need it and more accessible and hopefully it can reach all the places it needs to.

  • I will be opening up more time slots and will be available, Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm BST as well as the weekend slots I currently offer. All sessions will be 80euro. I know that for those on the other side of the word the weekday slots may mean rearranging your bedtime routine!

  • I will also be working from a beautiful space and seeing people for “In Person” sessions. I am so looking forward to holding space physically and being able to give you a hug! If you want to book an In Person session please contact me at

  • I will be running workshops. They will involve deep soul inner work, true connection, reflection and relaxation. Keep an eye out on website and in your inbox for moire details.

  • I will be continuing to focus on channeling soulful content for the Solstice Podcast.

  • I will also be offering my REMEDIES! I have been making up remedies using the Bach flower remedies to support the healing work and help lift the body and mind into the vibration that enables deep healing and bring balance. I have been sharing these remedies with clients, friends and family but haven’t formally announced that I can offer this to all. I intuitively pick the remedies that I feel will best support your healing journey, I then make up the remedy, meditate with the remedy and put healing energy into it. I also am guided to give you an affirmation that you repeat when taking the remedy and this is all set as an intention into the remedy. Please contact me if you want more information.

    • Remedies start at 10euro postage and package extra.

I am so excited to share of all of this with you and look forward to putting it all out into the world from September. I am so focused on being the channel and medium and being the bridge between the spirit and physical world.

If you feel called to any of the above, please contact me by email and we can connect!

Here is the link to the podcast where I talk all about the changes and what is coming up:

LINK to book 1:1 Super Soul Session (new prices and times from September):

Sat Nam,


I hope all of this makes sense. Thank you so much.