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This has been a year of really taking responsibility for who we are, what we are saying, thinking and doing. This year has been a year of journeying inwards to see how we are choosing fear instead of love, how we are talking to ourselves and others and how we are living. In my last blog I talked about the power of conscious choice, so we have had to look at all the choices we are making and what effect they are having on our lives and the lives of others. Has 2018 been a very introspective year for you? Have you been assessing all areas of your life and the choices you are making?

December really is a month where we need to take responsibility for our choices and not just get swept up in the stress and anxiety.

It can be a time where we are completely out of our normal routine and are around people that we don’t normally socialize with. This can all lead us down a path of inner turmoil, anxiety and fear. We do not need to do this to ourselves!

I know I have to be super conscious of my energy and my choices in December. I have to remember that P.EA.C.E begins with me. I get to choose how December is going to be. My family is “complicated” and also spread all around, which leads to trying to manage the “people pleasing” and the expectations. Christmas also triggers many past emotions and memories, as a child whn my parents separated, I felt the pressure from November, as the emotional blackmail started, as to where I would spend my Christmas and which parent deserved to have me! This led me to dread Christmas and it became such a stressful period. Now that I have my own family, I am choosing to release the old memories and create new ones that are aligned with what I value and I want for my loved ones. Choosing what is aligned with my values means I have to remember it starts with my choices and it involves being courageous by speaking my truth and making choices that may not please everyone.

To have the holiday season you truly desire you need to be super aware of your choices and thoughts on a moment by moment basis. I need something that helps with this as I move through the busy days of mamahood! So I focus on the word P.E.A.C.E in December and when I find myself getting swept away from my center and my values, I repeat the word P.E.A.C.E and remember what it stands for.

P- Presence. Remember to breathe. Take a minute of deep breathing. Go back to breath 

E- Energy. Taking responsibility to nourish and nurture myself and doing things that raise my energy ( eating well, exercise, time to be still, be around people I love)

A- Acceptance. Accepting it’s busy. Accepting your feelings. Accepting others differences. We are all trying our best.

C - Connection. Focus on taking time to really connect. Slow down. Call friend. Meet in person. Spend time really listening.

E- Embrace the gifts. See the gifts in the moments. Choose to see the gifts. What can I learn in these moments.

To learn more about this practice watch this month’s video HERE.

If you need extra help and support this December listen to the SOULSTICE PODCAST where I will be releasing a new episode each week, sharing tools and guiding you towards inner peace and true connection.

My wish for you as we end this year is that you connect to the peace within and see what you need to release and let go of, that you can see clearly what is disconnecting you from love and your truth, and that you have the courage to let it go and begin the new year FREE to enjoy your life fully!

YOU can have the holiday season you wish for. YOU can choose to do it differently. Every moment is a new opportunity to choose again.

P.E.A.C.E begins with you! 

I wish you so much P.E.A.C.E and JOY!