UNLOCK more LOVE this Autumn!

october journal.jpg

October is upon us and and autumn is here!

This is my favourite time of year; maybe because I was born in November but I think it is a time of year that really connects us more deeply to our truth, our soul and activates all the senses.

It is a time that the ancient celts call the darkest time of the year and to many that sounds frightening and has a negative attachment to it.

We tend to see the dark as something to avoid and to stay away from but through years and years of personal development and spiritual growth, I have learnt that when I embrace the darkness within and see it as the key to unlocking more love and joy, my life has felt free and I can truly create a life that I choose.

When we are avoiding the darkness within, it is actually going to block our attempts to change, grow or create a life that feels truthful and aligned.

Bringing the light to the darkness releases us from the subconscious burdens and limitations we carry that are blocking us from fully stepping into our greatness. Buried in the darkness is guilt, shame and unworthiness and these are huge blocks to love, abundance and joy!

So as we move into the darker months, tap into this energy, invite the darkness in, embrace it, ask it what are the gifts it wants to give you. The darkness has so many gifts for you; it holds the keys to unlocking so much love and abundance. 

Questions to journal on or before a meditation:

  • “What am I afraid to look at?”

  • “What does the darkness want to reveal to me?”

  • “How can I see this darkness as a gift?”

  • “What am I ready to let go of?”

As we tend to spend more time indoors in these darker months, it is also a very important time to remember to connect to others and to have real authentic connections.

True connections gives us a sense of belonging and connection to something greater than ourselves. It helps us connect to the power of the human spirit and what is possible when people gather together. We feel a greater power connecting us all.

True connections happen when you can be your true authentic self and not feel you have to fit in or change yourself.

True connections and true belonging comes from being with people. You can BE yourself and not CHANGE yourself. There is something special that happens when people gather together to connect and be present with each other. Nothing can replace feeling into the collective energy and being with people face to face and in real time.

Seek out experiences and connections that are in person. You will feel a sense of belonging, a connection to the power of the human spirit and a sense of oneness and togetherness.

“ Face to face connection is imperative in our true belonging practice” - Brené Brown

These connections could be: making eye contact, shaking someone’s hand, conversation in a store, meeting friends, going to a concert or an event. 

Social media can be a catalyst for connecting and reuniting friends, but true belonging, real connections and real empathy, require meeting people in real time, face-to-face.

This October, I invite you to:

  • Focus on embracing the inner darkness and the external darkness; see the gifts and the opportunities.

  • Focus on having real true connections in real life and real time.

I am focusing on creating spaces where you can meet me in real time and face-to-face, and we can connect, be present and feel the energy of the human spirit.

I am hosting a book club in my local community and workshops to help you tap into the power and energy of each season and your own inner power. Email me for more information.