Georgina Durcan

Hi! I am Georgina. I am a soul coach, healer, teacher, intuitive & spiritual mentor, wife and mother of girl/boy twins. I am blessed to live by the sea in beautiful Greystones, Ireland.

I am a lover of all things healthy for the mind, body and soul. I am passionate about sharing the love and wisdom I have to help people develop a loving relationship with themselves, deepen their spiritual connection and create a life they can fall in love with.

Each of our lives presents a unique set of challenges, these challenges play a central role in shaping us into who we are and guide us to everywhere we go in life.

My challenges have brought me a deep connection to my soul and allowed me to experience divine love, for myself and others. I began this chapter of my life in 2000 - at the time I was carrying with me a great deal of pain, fear and trauma. I was broken down trying to carry it all and keep everything hidden inside. I had a clear moment of understand, which I now know was my soul talking to me, that life was not meant to be about suffering!  

There was love out there and inside me, waiting for me to align with and accept.

I found a great sense of purpose for my life: I knew I was meant to help others. Though at the time I didn't know exactly how to achieve this, I found myself able to trust my life. Stepping forward in a new direction, the path has always been clear for me and has lead me to work with so many people around the world.

My path from fear to love

Everyone's journey is unique, of course! I'd like to share a few of the challenges that I've overcome to illustrate that transformation is available to everyone and work to overcome fear can be applied to anything that threatens to become a source of pain for us.

From a very young age I experienced fear and pain. My family unit destablizied and broke down when I was three, I experienced sexual abuse and the subsequent self hatred and self damaging behaviour that so often come with that. I spent a great deal of my early life feeling lost, confused and lonely. I felt disconnected from the experiences those around me were having and became isolated and abandoned. I found no help from outdated mental health treatments, which I now feel are based in fear and came close to destroying who I was. Several years ago I was told that it would be difficult for me to become a mother - something that I was certain was part of my purpose.

Today my two children are the greatest sources of joy in my life.

I no longer carry with me the pain and fear that once seemed to define my experience. These challenges have brought me incredible love and wisdom, they have taught me courage and pushed me to find the gifts that I was born with and then in turn, share them with the world. I am so truly grateful for every ounce of fear and pain that i have experienced because it has shown me and enabled me to know the deepest most incredible love in the world. This is the love that I want to help others find within themselves, a love that everyone has a chance to experience.

This is the love that lets you be who you truly are meant to be, and shine it out for all the world to see.

I live a life that is filled with miracles, love and abundance and one that I feel grateful for everyday. I know healing is possible because I have experienced it. I believe in healing so much that I put aside studies in business to pursue my profound understanding that I was born to help others heal and find the love within their lives. Over the last 15 years I have trained under amazing healers and teachers, studied and qualified in many different mind, body and spirit therapies and I will continue learning so that I am always bringing my clients the best healing and coaching system that I possibly can.

Everything I teach now I have used in my own life - it is the only way I can be sure that it is truly effective.

Professional qualifications and body of work

I have over 15 years’ experience and have helped thousands of people around the world move past their fears and limitations to create lives they truly love.

I have training as a life coach, reiki master, personal trainer, health and exercise therapist, pilates teacher, nutritional consultant and I am a certified 'train the trainer' coach. I have spent many years studying under world renowned healer Maria Rawlins, studying at Trinity College Dublin, The National Training Centre and the University of Maynooth, Ireland. I have also completed many personal development courses and I am committed to her ongoing training and education.

For several years I was based in Vancouver, Canada in an integrative medical practice working with a GP who believed that “the cure is not in the pill bottle” (Divi Chandna).  Together we worked helping the patients to heal themselves by connecting them with their body, mind and soul and helping them remove the blocks to their health and happiness.

Since returning to Ireland in 2013 I have continued to see my clients in Canada and around the world by offering Skype and phone sessions. I have made several TV and radio appearances in Ireland promoting and encouraging people to seek support and guidance if they are struggling, as well as discussing opportunities for healing and therapy. When my personal friend Joan Freeman founded Pieta House in 2003, I helped promote the services and message of Pieta house to bring hope to those who were in deep despair. It is now one of the foremost suicide support centres in Ireland and has helped over 5000 people to date.

I have created the B.L.I.S.S. Series of books and workbooks, helping people create a 'beautiful life in simple steps'. I am also creating an online community and tribe of people committed to supporting one another on their personal growth journey.

I am a devoted mother to twins and a loving wife to my husband Sean. When not working I can be found on the beach, in the beautiful seaside town of Greystones in Ireland, building sandcastles with my twins... when the Irish weather allows!