Episode 23: The Aftermath of the Full Moon and Summer Solstice!


In today’s episode, I share my experience of the full moon and summer solstice that we have just moved through! I will give you real-life examples of how these intense energies show up, how they can make us feel and how we can move through them with more grace, ease and flow!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why it is important to be in tune with the energetic shifts that are happening in the earth

  • Why it is important to get into a flow with the cycles and seasons

  • What are great daily practices to move through these intense energetic times

  • What full moon and solstice energy feels like as a mama and healer

  • How to create space in your life to honour your emotions

  • What came up for me during this cycle and my intention moving forward

Georgina Durcan is an internationally renowned Intuitive Therapist guiding people home to who they truly are by using her voice to deliver messages from their Soul’s truth. She has worked with thousands of clients around the world over the past 15years, helping them to create a life which brings joy, meaning, love, miracles, and abundance!
Georgina is the host of the SOULSTICE podcast and lives in beautiful Ireland with her husband and twins.

Let’s have some true connection!



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Sat Nam,

Georgina Durcan

Intuitive therapist and founder of the SOULSTICE Collective.

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