Episode 31: Connection over perfection in motherhood with the Silver Lining Life podcast


Hi Soul Seeker!

In today’s episode, I share an interview I did on the Silver Lining Life Podcast with Danielle Atkisson, its a conversation that I feel is so important for the times we are in right now, as we are learning how to be more conscious in all that we do, especially how we mother and parent! I reveal and talk about things that are very personal to me and my journey to becoming a mama, my fertility challenges and how it prepared me for what was ahead as a mama. I share how I am working on overcoming my need for perfection and shifting the perspective to one of connection! It is a real, authentic conversation that I hope supports you as a mama, and helps you to feel less alone and understood!

In this episode you will learn:

  • What I went through in order to become a mama

  • Why it is so important to consciously parent

  • How we are robbing ourselves of the joyful mama miracle moments every day

  • How we can bring more presence and connection into our parenting!

  • What really matters and what we can let go of

  • Why having truthful conversations with other mamas is so important for our wellbeing

Sat Nam,