Episode 32: Are you stuck and fixed or growing and flowing?


Hi Soul Seeker!

In today’s episode, I share some of the intense emotions and challenges that have been coming up for me over the past few weeks and how it has challenged me to look at my mindset. We are moving towards a new decade and we want to get into the flow of this new energy, this episode will help you see, where you may be getting stuck and how to move more into a flow.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a fixed mindset and growth mindset are

  • Why it is so important to move into flow right now

  • How we are getting stuck in the old habits and how to move into the new

  • How we can create beliefs that match our truth and what we truly want

  • What the intense scorpio energy is trying to show us

  • Why we need to slow down and pay attention to what is coming up for us, so we can release it and move forward

Sat Nam,