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Episode 7: How the Painful Lessons of 2018 Will Make 2019 a Truly Incredible One


In today’s episode, I will share with you some of my painful lessons and challenges of 2018. I will share what happened when I resisted the learning, the changes that I needed to make, and how I am using the lessons to make 2019 an amazing one that will allow me to be my most truthful authentic self.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What can happen when you resist moving forward on your soul’s path

  • How pain can gift us so much love 

  • My lessons of 2018

  • What I needed to release and let go of to create space for more love

  • How I took the lessons of 2018 and used them to create a Soul inspired action plan for 2019

  • What action steps I will be taking to make 2019 an amazing one

  • What my theme/word of the year is and how to find yours

  • How to kick start this year with great intention

Georgina Durcan is an internationally renowned Intuitive Therapist guiding people home to who they truly are by using her voice to deliver messages from their Soul’s truth. She has worked with thousands of clients around the world over the past 15years, helping them to create a life which brings joy, meaning, love, miracles, and abundance!
Georgina is the host of the SOULSTICE podcast and lives in beautiful Ireland with her husband and twins.

Let’s have some true connection!


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Sat Nam,

Georgina Durcan

Intuitive therapist and founder of the SOULSTICE Collective.

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