letting go

Episode 10: How to Release and Be Free of Anger?


In today’s episode, I will share with you my personal journey with ANGER over the last few weeks and how uncomfortable it became. I will show you how those that anger you the most are your greatest teachers and how anger is a pathway to more love!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The stories we attach to anger and how they are feeding it

  • Why anger is showing up now as we shift into a higher consciousness

  • What our Soul is calling us to do with our suppressed anger

  • How to move through anger with true awareness and light

  • A healing step by step process to let it all go

  • Letting go of anger will remove a huge block to love, miracles, and abundance

Georgina Durcan is an internationally renowned Intuitive Therapist guiding people home to who they truly are by using her voice to deliver messages from their Soul’s truth. She has worked with thousands of clients around the world over the past 15years, helping them to create a life which brings joy, meaning, love, miracles, and abundance!
Georgina is the host of the SOULSTICE podcast and lives in beautiful Ireland with her husband and twins.

Let’s have some true connection!


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Sat Nam,

Georgina Durcan

Intuitive therapist and founder of the SOULSTICE Collective.

I want to share a STEP by STEP GUIDE and PROCESS. That is my GO TO when I want to gain clarity, connection to my truth and Soul, and create my life from a place of love and truth. To receive this FREE GUIDE click here to download.