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Episode 12: Are You Walking in the Direction of Fear or Love?


In today’s episode, I talk about how the spiritual path has led us to be overwhelmed by all the spiritual tools and paths we can take. We need to simplify and take our power in our own hands to live consciously in a way that feels like love to us. I will share how the small daily choices we make can move us towards what we truly desire or further away. This episode will guide you to connect to your own inner power and consciously create your life, rather than waiting for life to give you what you need. This is the time to own your power!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why spiritual seekers can feel overwhelm 

  • How we over complicate things and end up taking no action

  • How to connect to your inner power every day

  • What a difference you can make by living consciously 

  • How to choose between love and fear

  • What do loving choices look like

Georgina Durcan is an internationally renowned Intuitive Therapist guiding people home to who they truly are by using her voice to deliver messages from their Soul’s truth. She has worked with thousands of clients around the world over the past 15years, helping them to create a life which brings joy, meaning, love, miracles, and abundance!
Georgina is the host of the SOULSTICE podcast and lives in beautiful Ireland with her husband and twins.

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Sat Nam,

Georgina Durcan

Intuitive therapist and founder of the SOULSTICE Collective.

I want to share a STEP by STEP GUIDE and PROCESS. That is my GO TO when I want to gain clarity, connection to my truth and Soul, and create my life from a place of love and truth. To receive this FREE GUIDE click here to download.