the Soulstice Mama Masterclass

How to TRUST your intuition as a Mama!

Join the LIVE 30 day online course to learn how to trust and deep your connection to your intuition as a Mama!

The Soulstice Online Mama Masterclass is a 30 day online course that teaches you the daily rituals and practices that will help you be the mama that you truly want to be. It will connect you to your intuition, inner wisdom and most loving self, and teach you how to deepen your trust in your daily decision making as a mama. You will feel more confident and clear as a mama and be able to make conscious choices and decisions for you and your family.

Mama, I hear you.


Let’s be honest…

You want to show up everyday with your children, calm, present, grounded and responsive, but so many of us at the end of the day, feel like we are failing miserably!

I hear you, as a mama of 4 year old twins, I face these feelings everyday and try and navigate my way back to my truth, to my Soul, which is a place of compassion, forgiveness and love.

I face the challenges of trying to be the mama I truly desire to be, trusting myself, my own inner wisdom, trying to fulfill my family’s needs, trying to please everyone and also to try and live up to society’s expectations of me as a mama! It can be exhausting, but I have learnt through my own experiences, from the clients I work with on a 1-1 basis and my children, how, to move through these expectations and mother in a way that feels right to me.

I deal with the mama guilt, the struggle of trying to bring balance to my home and work life, trying to be fully present with my kids and partner and also just the physical exhaustion.

I have been pushed, to practice what I have been preaching for the last 15 years as a spiritual healer and teacher, and everyday I pull tools and rituals out of my spiritual tool belt to help me stay present, connected and grounded in my mama wisdom and intuition.

I continue to learn, that, when I prioritize my spiritual practices, and when I connect to my Soul and intuition everyday, I tap into a reservoir of high vibe energy, mama intuition and the powerful force of nature that guides me to be the mama that my children need me to be. As a result, I feel less guilt, clearer and more confident in my decision making, able to be more present with my family, less criticism, and more joy in the moments.

It is time to stop feeling like you are just getting through the days, and just surviving the days as a mama, feeling alone and unsupported.

It is time to stop doubting yourself and criticizing your every move with your kids.

So what is the answer?

We need to start accessing the answers within, we need to start connecting with our intuition and Soul, which is the gateway to feeling strong, centered, grounded, secure and clear in our mothering and being able to fully receive the joy that is waiting for us!

Your intuition will guide you and support you as you make the daily decisions for you and your family.

I created the Soulstice Mama Masterclass for mamas that want to mother in a soulful, conscious and present way. I want to create a support network, of like minded mamas, who can create a container for real, authentic and true conversations. I want mamas to feel the connection to the inner wisdom and power they hold inside, which on a daily basis, will help them feel supported, guided and loved. I want to share the rituals and practices I use on a daily basis, and teach my children, so we are creating loving, conscious families with the Divine mama energy at its highest expression. This is the course I wish I had had access to when I became a mama.

What you get in the Soulstice Online Mama Masterclass:

After working with 1000’s of private clients over the last 15 years, so many of them mamas and from my own learning as a mama and spiritual teacher and healer, I am bringing the most essential rituals and practices that will help and guide you to be the mama you truly want to be and live the life you truly desire.

You will get:

• 4 pre recorded tutorial videos

• 4 FB Live Q & A

• Daily support in your private soulful mama community

• Workbook with simple practical tools, rituals and daily practices

• Soulful Mama Tribe

image1 (4).jpeg

This class is for YOU if you want to:

• Feel more confident in your daily decisions and choices as a mama

• Feel more present and connected to your children

• Be able to move through challenges of mamahood with more flow, ease and grace

• Be able to trust your intuition, inner wisdom and knowing

• Bring more soul into your family life

• Enjoy the daily moments with your family

• Parent consciously so you don’t pass on your own wounds and fears

This is for mamas with kids of all ages, or mamas who have fur babies, caregivers, those who mother their clients and who want to learn more about self care, protection, nurturing and deepening their connection to intuition.

Get all of this, and Georgina as your teacher, guide and support today!

All of this, and bonuses which include full and new moon rituals, for you and your family for 44euro!!!

We get started November 1st!